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Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
1:27 pm
Remembering a father
I'm really sad that our Pope passed away :(
He was a wonderful person.
Even when his death was expected, I felt a terrible sadness and loss when i heard the news. I felt I had to do something for him..so i canceled our shopping plans and went to church for the mass and prayed for him. I felt very peaceful after the service. There was a large crowd in the church esp young people and we had a picture of the pope kept in the church. The priest mentioned some of the last words he spoke, it was to the young people of the world whom he loved dearly. he said 'i came looking for you all these time and now you've come to me..and i thank you'. A large number of young people were waiting at st.peter's square, praying for him..

Even though I'm a catholic I didn't know much about pope, until cnn and other channels kept showing a lot of great things he did for all of us. It was no nice to hear muslims, jews , hindus and other religious & political leaders praise him for all the work he did in bringing people together and in ending communism. Even when he was sick in his later years had survived multiple assassination attempts (one which nearly killed him) he always worked hard to do justice to the job God had called him to do.

It's true that you realize the true value of a person only in his absence. He was always like a (grand)fatherly figure for me, someone i was very fond of, some one who always smiled and gave blessing.. whenever the news channels showed pope during news briefs i used to watch him very fondly and was happy when he blessed us.I remember going to see him at HMT ground at ekm, when he visited kerala in 1986. we went with all our family members. since the vehicles had to be parked outside.. there was a long way to walk.. even after reaching the stadium, there was a long wait for pope to arrive..but then he arrived..People were so happy to see him.. all of us were shouting Viva il Papa (Long live the Pope).i could see him only from a distance, coz there were a lot of people to see him..but then I felt so happy that i got to see him offering the holy mass and got his blessings.

Like many others he's only pope i've known so far. I keep watching cnn religiously these days to see the happenings at rome.. where he'll be laid to rest this week. I end up with tears in my eyes each time I see him on TV. He was really a righteous person and I'm sure he's in heaven looking upon us :)
Thursday, September 30th, 2004
2:24 pm
I'm back from Kerala...:)
Had a wonderful holiday this time...and the greatest joy was attending my sister's engagement & wedding functions :) I was very happy to be there for her for one of the most important days of her life, right from the beginning and moreover to have played the matchmaker's role. I had a really good time meeting a lot of people esp many of our relatives whom I had not met since my wedding. Even though we had a very difficult time taking care of arrangements in a very short time, we all are happy things went off very well and that the couple are happy together.

The Onam celebrations that followed made the holidays even beautiful. All my previous onams in kerala were celebrated at my mom's house, but this time everyone came to our house on onam day and we celebrated it very traditionally with a large athapookkalam and a great sadya and everyone in kerala attire :) My little brother seems to very good at making athappookalam, thanks to the numerous athapoo competitions at school & college these days.

I wasn't very sad when I came back this time coz I knew my sister would be relocating to our neighboring place soon, and she has come too.. Not a day passes without us talking to each other..and we're loving every moment of it :)
Thursday, July 8th, 2004
4:25 pm
Yesterday as we reached home after work and switched on the TV, there was a cooking show going on with Martha Stewart and another lady. At first we did not give it much importance, as we were very hungry and wanted to have our dinner asap. Its then we hear Martha talking about south India and kerala. Now we are both in front of the TV eagerly watching the show. And here she is, Martha's guest making fish masala and spinach thoran. She looks like an Indian, but still we do not know her name. So we search the net about the show and see her name as Maya Kaimal. I was really happy and proud to see a keralite on food tv. It was the first time I've ever seen a keralite making keralite dishes on tv. I remember once an American cook showing her students how to make idiappam and vegetable puttu on tv. She introduced idiappam to her viewers as a form of pasta that Indians cook :)

Today I did some more research on Maya and found that she is the author of two Indian cookbooks. Her first book, Curried Favors: Family Recipes from South India (Abbeville, 1996) won the Julia Child award for best first cookbook. Her most recent book, Savoring the Spice Coast of India: Fresh Flavors from Kerala (HarperCollins, 2000) explores the cooking of the South Indian state where her father was raised. She has written features for Saveur and Food & Wine, appeared on the Martha Stewart show, hosted an episode of My Country My Kitchen for the Food Network, and taught at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, CA.

Here is a write up by her, which I liked.

An e-copy of one of her books can be viewed at http://www.abbeville.com/pdf/0789206285.pdf

I hope our keralite dishes get more popular thru people like her :)
Thursday, June 10th, 2004
5:21 pm
Graduations.. Not any more !
Last week I had a graduation ceremony to attend. This was the second one I was attending this year. These days it's graduation time everywhere. Last year too I attended two ceremonies, one was mine and other was my husband's. I was so happy and proud for both of us that time that the long wait at he ceremony hall didn't matter to me. But this time I found both the functions very boring. I was hoping that the ceremony end soon and we could go home early. Think it was because none of my immediate relatives were graduating this time.. I was not involved in any of their education and so other than the general feeling of happiness that they were graduating, I wasn't happy sitting there whole 3 hours, waiting for the ceremony to over. I went there coz i was invited, and I had thought twice before i even went there. The best part of such graduations are the dinner or lunch that follows the ceremony. But for both the ceremonies i went this time , the food was served only the next day...so after both the ceremonies we had to go home hungry.

I was always fascinated by the graduation ceremonies when i was young. Having seen the photos of my relatives in cap n' gown during their graduation, I always dreamed of a day when I would be graduating too wearing those.. But it remained a dream during my school and college days in kerala coz we never had any such ceremonies. The moment I came to know that I had enough credits to graduate from the college here,I was very excited.. The first thing that came to my mind was the cap n' the gown and the ceremony. I even forced my husband to attend his graduation which he wasn't very much interested in. In fact he had opted not to attend the ceremony for his bachelors a few years back. After many sessions of brainwashing, he agreed to attend the ceremony this time. I was happy more than ever.
I'm glad he attended his ceremony. Now we have both of our photos with cap and gown :) And each time I see it, I feel a sense of happiness and achievement. I proudly showed them to my parents and siblings and I would be happy to show to our children one day and may be grandchildren :)

One of our cousins here just graduated from kinder garten :) He too had a graduation ceremony.. a small one compared to the high school and college graduations.. that was a new information for me. He even showed me his cap which was white disposable kind of one and was posing for photos with everyone .. that was cute :) I would have rather attended his graduation ceremony that going for the elder ones graduations.
I guess I have attended enough graduations for a while now.. I hope not to attend any of those any time soon. To attend such functions once every couple of years would be better than attend more than one year. But I'm happy for all those who graduated. That's a new beginning for them and I wish them all good luck :)
Tuesday, May 25th, 2004
2:30 pm
Weather plays a very important role in people's life here. I was very amazed when I heard about it from a colleague long back. But now I know how much the day to day weather affects me. It decides the type of dress i wear, the food that I would eat and my plans after work. I find my self standing near the window each day morning to find out whether i should wear a sweater or a light dress, shoes with socks or causal open sandals, have lunch hot or cold. I would not have imagined doing such things if i were in kerala.. Here when it's summer i keep aside my winter jackets & sweaters and hang on the summer clothes in the closets. also the shoes that i wear in snow, the hats, shawls and gloves used in winter are all kept aside. I don't really appreciate the space it takes to keep all this aside for the next winter. My ideal home would have 2 rooms just to keep the winter stuff and summer stuff..so i don't have to walk around arranging things to make up space for each item till it's used the next time..

This weekend we had the worst rains ever... heavy rains, thunder and lightening, hail and storm. Streets and houses were flooded with water. power was shut off at most places..and it was really cold too. all the news channels were showing different scenes of flood affected areas in the city.
When i called up home, my parents said they're having heavy rains too.. so i guess it's the same everywhere now..global weather :)

I'm really scared of thunder and lightening and i feel very secure when i'm with my loved one. It's during such times that I feel so blessed to have a companion in life whom i can hold on to when i get scared. My friend who recently lost her husband told me this week that she had a very bad time at home during the weekend. she felt very lonely sitting inside the house when the weather was very harsh outside..she said she wish that her husband was alive and she misses him a lot. I feel very sad when she talks to me about her beloved one.. It makes me realize how lucky i'm to have my husband beside me.. I remember once reading an article by a lady who lost her loved one that " cherish the moments that you share with your loved one.. coz the hands that you hold , the shoulders that you lean on, the arms that hug you.. won't be there for ever..", it was very touching and I feel very sad when i think about it. Even after our heated arguments at times, I feel the need to give in coz i know we are not going to be there forever for each other. It is this thought that makes me say sorry to him even when i know it's he who owes me one . But I don't regret doing those.. We don't know if we're going to live the next minute. so if it's my turn to go, then i would be happy that I gave in. But I would like to pray that if God would want to take away one of our lives.. then take mine first coz I love him more than me :)
Monday, May 17th, 2004
12:38 pm
Dreams :)
I had a very beautiful dream today morning..I was at home, attending my little sister's wedding :) I remember seeing all my relatives, the function at church, the handsome groom and my beautiful sister :) I was so happy to see all that happening..even when i realized it was a dream, I was still smiling.. :)
I also made sure I called up home to share the news of my dream to my parents and sis..:) My parents were all laughing saying that I think about her wedding too much these days.. Pappa said if I had the dream in the morning, then it would surely take place.. so I wait for the auspicious day :)

Last week I got a few gifts from India.. One was from my parents who send me spices and snacks thru a family friend... I was very happy to get it. The smell of spices made me very homesick..
The other was from my friend, who came back from india after her holidays.. She even came to my office to meet me and to give the gifts she brought .. I felt very happy..The laddu she brought from chennai was so nice.. i can still feel the taste of pure ghee and sugar in that.. Considering the fact that I had not got gifts from home for a long time, I was so happy to get all those last week.

Now I'm counting my days to go back home and see everyone. My tickets are confirmed..I've started shopping for gifts for everyone :) Shopping is my favorite past time and when that involves buying gifts for my family I feel extra happy..:)

Yesterday was my Pappa's birthday.. I pray for his health, happiness and long life daily, but yesterday I said some special prayers for him. He was happy to get my wishes early in the morning..I talked to my brother too who is at home on holidays :)
I learned today that they all had a good time yesterday.. I'm happy for them. I've not been for anyone's birthday for a long time now.

Weekend was spent watching a lot a movies .. mostly comedy..so laughed a lot..:)
I'm not feeling well today.. hope i get better soon.

Hope the cold weather soon change and days become all sunny and warm..
Nice week ahead :)
Friday, May 14th, 2004
12:38 pm
Election Results
My sis gave me the news of the ldf sweep in kerala.. her's was the first email i read yesterday. I was surprised at the outcome. Later I read detailed results in deepika & manorama. I always thought udf and ldf would get 10 seats each with slight variations to both sides at times.. that's how it has been for a while. But congress not getting a single seat really surprised me.
My conversation with my parents this week were mostly about the election results too. Mom talked very passionately about the result.. that's a new thing coz mostly it's my dad who does that.

Even though I was happy that all the children of old politicians had lost, I was sad that sudeeran & ramesh lost too. Had they been elected, we would have got at least a minister from our state.
But I'm glad the people chose to tell the govt that they don't like the dirty politics they're playing when they should be concentrating on doing something good for the people. I hope they serve the people well before the term is over.

I'm really happy that congress came back to power under sonia's leadership. Very surprising results to many. No one ever thought she could lead her party to such a victory. I'm happy for her. I admire her patience & courage coz she has held the party together in the eight dark years since it lost power. I wonder why people are so against her. c'mon she's no longer a foreigner.. she's an Indian. As long as our constitution bans any non-natural born citizen of india to be the prime minister, she has the right to be the PM. And I'm sure she'll make a good PM too.
When a Pakistani, of Lahore Born could be a Deputy Prime Minister of India, why should not be an Italian Born!

Even Mother Teresa was not born in India, but we Indians take all the credit when we hear anything good about her. so when it comes to sonia, why are we so indifferent? she has sacrificed a lot to be where she is today. she didn't go back to Italy after Rajiv Gandhi died but chose to be india and live like an indian.
I think the difference of attitude is because if she becomes PM, then she will have the power. And in a male dominated society like india, men don't want to see that happening. so accusing her as a foreigner is one way they can do that. Whatever happens I hope the new govt will bring peace and prosperity to all the people of India.
God Bless our Motherland !
Thursday, May 6th, 2004
11:47 pm
'Friendship is a gift'
Today started of with a sad note.. No pleasant thoughts were in my mind when i slept and so I woke up not very happy. Things were getting better by noon that I heard the news that my friend lost her job. I was sad again. I was rather surprised coz I had no hint that she would be gone so soon. We became friends when I first met her at work, after my holidays last year. She was very friendly and talkative. We both learned after a while that we share the same month of birth, year of birth, zodiac sign and we had similar interests. Another striking similarity was that our husbands were born the same month and year. Also our dad's birthdays differed only by a day.
I've not found such similarities in any other people i've met. We were from different countries, but we always had something common to talk about.
She was working for a large organization when she got laid off and later found a job at our place through a friend of hers. The strange thing was that her friend died a couple of months later very unexpectedly. that was a shock to everyone, esp her. She began talking to me about her problems once we were comfortable with each other. She had to undergo an abortion which upset her and later affected her health causing her depression which in turn affected her work. she was hospitalized for a long time and it was then that she got laid off. She said she never liked the high-pressure job she had, but she liked the money she earned. She always had a feeling that there was something unlucky about her..and the death of her friend made her feel that again.
She was still taking medication when she joined us. Even when she was sick, she used to drive nearly 2 hours daily to reach office.. which i still consider something great coz she has problem concentrating for a long time. At first when I met her she was all fine. Later she started showing signs of her sickness and once we had call the Emergency Response team at work when she passed out and had to be taken to the hospital.. After that incident she always seemed sick. Her marriage wasn't going fine too.. mainly due to her sickness and her husband's addiction to computer games.
so she was always upset that and to make matters worse the project she was into wasn't going well too. It's only today that i learned that they were thinking of suspending the project for a while and later decided to do it this week which ended her contract with us. Our management was good to her even when they ended her contract. they even offered to give back her job if the project gets revoked after a few months. They even asked me to make sure she didn't feel bad about it. To spend some time with her if she needed it to make sure she wouldn't get too much upset about it.

So I made sure we had a nice lunch today too.. we had a lot of things to talk about other than the lay off.. she was telling it's our last lunch together.. i was sad about it. We hugged and said our byes.. She said she has plans to visit her parents.. I hope she stays with them for a while and gets better. Hope and pray that she get a good job too..If she ever comes back I'll be more than happy to have her back as my friend.

I'm sure I'll miss her innocent smile and jokes.. I'll miss her company and I'll miss the little times we had when we used to share our laughs and sorrows.

But I thank God for the chance I got to know you. Your were always a good friend.. loving and caring, a little troubled and confused, but always happy and smiling.
I'll definitely miss you :(
Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
2:48 pm
9:13 am
the past few days weren't that great. a lot of tensions, anger, frustration, tears & prayers. i'm glad things are getting better. it feels so good to see the sun after the clouds and rain. sometimes after all the arguments, when i think about it I feel it was totally unnecessary to start the topic that caused the fury. but then i've learned that i cannot keep things that worry me in my heart for long. However much i try, it comes out at some time or the other. Sometimes i feel it's good coz then it's over and so i no longer have to keep it in my heart and bother about it.
But I've learned that I should try not to worry about things that I cannot change. I pray that God give me the strength to accept things that i cannot change.

one of my uncles is sick & is hospitalized. I hope and pray that he gets better soon.
spoke to one of my aunties yesterday.. i was surprised when she, who speaks very less, kept on talking the whole time. May be she was happy to hear from me after a long time. I should call her again soon. I got in touch with her kids too after a long time. so that was good.

My sis seems to be happy now. I'm happy for her. Hope she does well in her new job.
My brother still has exams. Hope he does well. Pappa & Amma seems to be keeping fine. I should call them up today.

Dad's b'day is coming up.. so is mother's day.. I send them a gift thru online shop. the first time ever i have done that.. hope they get it.. I wanted to send them some flowers, but the shop didn't do it outside metros. hope next time i'll be able to send them some flowers.. I wrote a letter for my mom yesterday and sent it with a mom's day card. Hope she receives it on time.
I've started writing a letter for my dad too.. hope to complete it today.

Tomorrow one of my friends is getting married. This year saw a lot of weddings, mostly friends. Nice to see everyone getting settled. Hope my sis too gets settled soon.

I met an Indian lady at the doctor's office yesterday. We started talking and found that we shared a lot of things in common. the strange thing was that we asked each other our names only when we were about to leave.. but it was good to have her company during the long wait at the doctor's office. Today I had a small talk with my friend. She is very caring and I love her for that. We both feel good when we talk to each other.

This week has been hectic at office. But I'm happy that I'm meeting the deadlines.
It's still cold outside. Hope it gets warmer soon.
Thursday, April 29th, 2004
10:36 pm
going home :)
I'm really happy today.. My holidays are approved.. there's a good chance that i'll be able to get the tickets too. Really looking forward to going home :)
My days were beginning to get bored and suddendly the thought of going home has made me very happy & excited :) I'm smiling and laughing most of the time now.. and i'm being very helpful to people around me. Even when I've lots of work at office, I don't feel troubled or panic at the dead line..

Did some shopping..
during my shopping i came across a couple people whom i'm not very fond of. my encounters with them each time has never been good experiences..so the sight of them sometime makes me sad.. coz i anticipate somehing bad happening in the near future. so i'm really cautious when i talk to them. I like to talk to people carefree..so such conversations when i've be really careful about what i talk is not something i like. but sometimes you've to deal with it. other than that my shopping experinece was quite fine. I made sure i shopped enough that i got over that incident :)
bought a few things which i always postponed buying. not sure if it's a good deal.. but still i'm happy to own them.

and most important thing, I drove all alone without anyone by my side :) something which i postponed doing for nearly two years :) I should do it more often .. coz it makes me happy.

the weather was really good today.. lots of sunshine..:) so the day was pretty good ..praying that God grant more such days :)

Current Mood: cheerful
Monday, April 26th, 2004
2:26 pm
Lessons of Life
This weekend was hectic I should say.. Never got time to sit and relax.. was busy cooking, cleaning, shopping, doing laundry.. did I miss anything else :) it's monday morning..and i'm tired. Hope i get better tomorrow after tonight's rest.

There was this football draft going on in the sports channel, so my hubby was watching the TV all day during the past 2 days. It's the day when the teams get to select good players from the college football teams. I am also interested in sports, but I don't have in depth knowledge abt it like my hubby. This event is like a reality show coz teams trade of their pick with other teams to get the players they want and all this happen live on TV. So it's interesting to watch. I was keeping track of the picks even when I was in the kitchen. Our favorite team ended up getting a few good players. So my husband was excited.. I was happy too :) Hope our team does well next year.

My little sis got a better job. She's excited about it, so am I :) Everyone says she's very lucky when it comes to jobs.. coz she get jobs very easily :) I think she's smart & efficient and people like her energy and enthusiasm.
I got a chance to talk to her this weekend, she's planning to visit home this week. My dad's birthday is coming up, so we were discussing on what to gift him.
My sis and I have become very close these days I feel.. May not be surprising to others, but it's surprising to us coz we were a lot selfish and would never get along well in our childhood days. Now whenever I buy something for me, I make sure I buy something for her too :) Think I've become a lot selfless after my wedding and that has resulted in better relationships with the people around me..so that's a good thing about getting married :)

My brother is having exam these days, mom said. So mom makes sure she marks the calender during his exams days and prays for him during the time when he's taking exams. My grandma does the same thing (and now i'm doing that too.) She does that for all her grand kids. It's very comforting to know that people care for you so much. I used to call up home after before each of my exams to request prayers from them. My sis and brother does the same thing too. that gives you a lot of confidence, even if you've not prepared well for the exam :)

One of my aunt's mom died this weekend. that's a sad thing. Her dad had died two years back and now her mom too. A couple of years back her brother died in an accident. She was very close to him. I'm sure all the deaths must have be difficult for her. But this is life, we have no say abt our births and deaths. I pray for her and the departed souls. I'm coming across a lot of deaths recently.. makes me realize we are getting older, so are the ones we love too. I pray daily for everyone's long life, health & happiness.. that's all we can do.

Another of my aunties is sick I heard. She is one who looks healthy and young than her sisters, but she's the one who gets all the sickness too. I've a feeling that all her sickness has resulted from her being alone at home all the time. Also unlike her siblings, she's not very emotional. so keeps all her feelings of love, hatred, happiness and disappointments to her heart. She's a housewife & lives in a foriegn land, lives in the midst of riches, has a loving husband and very nice children. I've not seen any other couple in our family who takes care of each other like this aunty and uncle.. so everyone is upset that she's getting sick these days esp uncle and her kids. The lesson I've learned from her is that no matter how much your husband earns, it's always better you do some work to keep yourself busy when you're young so you're used to doing it when you children grows older and leaves your nest. Also i've learned that you've to let your emotions loose coz otherwise the suppressed negative emotions are going to come out as some form of sickness when you get older. My grandma told me this long back. I remember going thru a book my uncle had(i forgot the name) where it maps your sickness with the emotional problem that caused it. I found that correct when i related my parents sickness and mine with the problems we were facing in life. so laugh and smile when you're happy, cry a lot when you're sad and share your problems with others. You'll have a healthy and longer life :) In fact writing these journals are a way of sharing your feelings.. so it's in a way good for you :)

We are seriously thinking about our next trip to India :) so i'm excited about that..
My last trip to India was a good one.. I hope this one too turns out to be one filled with a lot of happy moments :) The thought alone of seeing all my loved ones is making me happy these days :)

Nice week ahead ! I hope it gets more sunny and bright this week..:)
Thursday, April 22nd, 2004
10:39 am
chitti aayi hai :)
Yesterday I got a greeting card from my parents. Very nice one and to my surprise my dad had written a few loving words too..he does that very rarely.. I felt a tear or two dropping out of my eyes.. i miss them both :(
This week I also got the greeting card and a long loving letter from my uncle. It was very nice reading the letter from him. I should reply to him soon.
I got another card with wishes from all at my mom's home, and my grandma even made my youngest cousin who is just over 2 years write a few words on that for me.. that was very cute.. i was really happy to see that.:) I got to spend some time with him when i went on holidays last year.. he's an adorable kid.. and his favorite past time is catching 'thumpis'. you should see the way he concentrates and goes after the butterflies very slowly to catch them. he can even catch thumpis when he has 2 already in his hand.. i've never seen an expert thumpi catcher all my life.. he is very fun to be around... I miss him :(
9:30 am
weekly update :)
I guess I should take some more time to update the journals.
this is sort of being like a weekly journal than a daily one for me :)
weekend was good.. we did some shopping, went cycling a while.. the weather was good ..bright and sunny.. so a lot of people were on the road with their dogs, kids on their scooters and cycles. Also long queues were seen in front on local ice cream shops. we too had our share of ice creams :)
so that was good..:)
we had also gone for an indian community get together during the weekend. it wasn't very good mainly coz of the food (which even though looked delicious didn't taste so good :( Both os us being food lovers, get sad if the food doesn't taste good.) Also the place was very crowded and surprisingly we met only a couple we knew.. no one else..:(
weekdays were not bad too.. other than a little allergy problem the spring brings with it.. things were fine.
Things are pretty good at work too. More work these days.. but it keeps me busy :)
Yesterday we had a function at work..so we all were busy with the coordination and arrangements. so i didn't have to sit at my desk the whole day :)

Yesterday we watched the new cbi movie of mammootty.. i wasn't impressed. May be coz I had high expectations abt that movie. The same happened to me when i saw 'passion' I remember seeing the movie 'swapnakoodu' and really liking it. I had not heard anything much about it so didn't know what to except. but i really liked that movie.

The weather this week is getting colder after all the sun we had during the weekend. I hope it gets better soon. We had a pretty long winter and I'm longing to see sunny days. I never realized what winter and autumn were till i came here and experienced those. It's during those times that I realize how good the climate of our homeland is, we never have extreme climates there.. it's always summer and spring there :) Wishing you all Bright, Sunny Days Ahead !
Friday, April 16th, 2004
3:22 pm
Reality TV Shows :)
Last night was the final episode of the reality serial 'Apprentice'. I started watching it only a couple of weeks back.. but I really liked it. Most of it was shot at Trump Taj Mahal Casino at Atlantic City. The casino is built to resemble Taj Mahal and a few carved elephants could be seen there..
It's about the real estate tycoon & multimillionaire 'Donald Trump' selecting a person from among a few qualified people for a dream job. He gives them different tasks to do and evaluates them. He selects a few and rejects the others.. and yesterday he selected the final person and offered him a job with a great salary. A salary of 250K is not bad, right ? :)

I watch the american idol too. It's the pop idol search contest going on on fox and the show became famous for the judge 'simon' who offers harsh criticism to the contestants. The person who gets the least vote is dropped each week. and by the way the people vote for their favorites. 7 more are left in the group, a few of them I'm definitely not very fond of. Their songs aren't very great.. But I guess they're lucky each time :) Anyway, May the best person win :) Last time's runner up Clay Aiken is my favorite yet.. He has something magical abt his voice..:)

Current Mood: happy
2:20 pm
Weekend is here :)
It's been a couple of days, since i updated my journal.
Yesterday I spent most of my time replying to the b'day wishes. I'm done with it now and so i'm happy abt it.

The day before I had a dental appointment for which I went to the dentist's office at the time specified. But after making me wait there for more than an hour, they ended up postponing my apptmt...coz they couldn't finish the other appointments early. I was a little angry coz i was alone in the waiting room, feeling very tired & hungry watching food network on tv (when i should be having my dinner at home.)

The other day I got to watch some good tamil film songs on tv. The good thing was that they had sub titles too.. so i could understand the meaning of those songs .. some of them were really meaningful.. the picturization was also good.. I loved seeing meera jasmin in a couple of those songs.. she's very pretty :) saw the tamil version of 'kannadi koodum kootti..'.. it wasn't good at all..

Today we had an ergonomics session at office, where we were given tips on how to be comfortable at work (good postures, organizing work area etc) esp while using the pc. The session was quite boring, but was informative. I hope to organize the work area to make myself more comfortable in the days to come:)

Weekend is on it's way.. My fridge is sort of empty.. Hope to do some shopping :)
Great weekend !
Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
5:24 pm
My Special Day !
Today is my birthday.. I'm having a good time..:)
Yet another day when I feel that life is good and I'm special to a lot of people around me. I'm blessed with a lot of them, I should say.. Thanking God for that.
Today after my parents wished me, I was asking myself.. Wasn't it me who should be calling up my parents to thank them for bringing me into this world.. for taking care of me all these years till I was ready to stand on my feet and face the world.. I remember the song "Nandi aarodu njan chollendu...". it's a very meaningful one.I think staying away from them have made me feel very closer to them. Thank you Pappa & Amma for all the things you've done for me..esp for you prayers everyday that's keeping me safe and happy :) I love you all very much :) But I miss you too..

My loved one made me feel very special today.. I'm thankful to him for that. After a bad weekend, it was so nice to be happy again.. I've read that you don't realize the value of goodtimes and happiness until you're sad.. so i try to keep myself optimistic when i'm sad.. and it pays off too.. He surprised me with a gift I was longing since I was a child, a card with a lot of meaningful words and a cake with my pet name on it.. i was overwhelmed.. :) It is at such good times that I pray to God that you've blessed with everything, what have I done so good to receive such good things..I'll be very glad if I die at one such time.. My soul will be happy and content :)

One of my friends gave me card with the picture of the gift my hubby gave me..it was very coincidental.. I was telling her abt the gift and she asked me to open the card and i was surprised to see the picture.. May be it was her wish for me :) There are angels everywhere :) She is an elderly lady, but a very nice woman.. sort of like a motherly figure to me ..
another friend took me out for lunch.. it was good of her..we three have a certain kind of bonding with each other..we share our joys and sorrows, listen and advice each other.. so it's good.. All of us are different nationalities.. so the culture is different.. but people, their life, their sorrows and joys are the same everywhere :)

A lot of ecards and wishes from family and friends.. :) Thank you all.. You make my day..:)
Hallmark site is down..so i'm still waiting to view a few of those :( hope the site is up and running soon..
I miss my sister's wishes.. she had apologized for sending the card late.. so i hope to receive it some time this week.. feel like talking to her.. but when you need to talk to someone very badly, either the phone card doesn't work, or the lines are busy :( Hope to try after a while.

Tomorrow is Vishu.. Some people remember my b'day coz of vishu :) It's one of my favorite festivals too :)
I used to get kaineetam while I was home.. I told my parents to keep it aside for me this time :) My mom is said to have an 'aiswaryamulla kai' :) I've heard people say that about my sister too.. Not sure if I have one :)
Happiness & Prosperity of Vishu to everyone ! :)
Monday, April 12th, 2004
2:55 pm
Easter Reflections.
Holy week is over.. and so is the much awaited Easter Sunday.. The good thing is that I could meet up a lot of my friends and could talk for a long time.. I meet them at church for Easter and x'mas and other special occassions..It's really good talking to them.. makes me think of my school and college days when life was carefree..Most of them have children too..so it's good being around them..

Other than the friends part and the prayers... Easter wasn't good as I had expected..I try to be happy on such happy occasions.. but some how or the other things happen that ruin my whole day.. and sometimes the whole week.. so this easter was no exception.. I felt very sad that day.. but i didn't let my sadness take over me for a long time.. I'm glad I did that..

I had called up home.. and my parents and siblings had a wonderful easter.. I wish I was there too..:( whenever they asked how Easter was over here.. i said I'm having a good time.. I could feel tears falling out my eyes.. but i tried to sound happy..

Since I had done cooking before easter, I had nothing to do on Easter day..so did some spring cleaning.. I ended up cleaning more than I thought I should.. I was letting the negative energy inside me do some productive work.. and i was glad at the things i did.. a lot of things that i had kept on pending were done yesterday.. for a while i was the same old person.. full of energy and enthusiasm.. i was tired after all the work and so had to do some heat therapy before i slept...today my whole body is aching.. but i'm glad i did those work.. I hope to do some more clean up in the days to come.. it's better doing such things rather than being on the net or watching tv...

One of my friend's husband passed away last week.. he was old and was ill for a long time.. so the death was expected.. but death is difficult for anyone to cope with. I had met him only a couple of times.. even when he was sick..he was very active and happy.. so I was very upset about it too..My friend is trying hard to get back to normal.. I hope she gets better soon.. Sooner or later.. we'll have to go thru these phases in life .. we're getting older.. so are our loved ones.. that makes me sad.. so i better not think about such things.. as long as you live.. live happily and let others be happy :) God bless :)

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Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
10:07 am
Good Day!
This is my first entry.
I found abt this site last week and was hooked to it.. today i made up my mind that i'll start my own journal too :)
I used to write journals when i was in school.. that habit stopped some how.. eventhough i got a journal book as gift this x'mas, i always postponed writing in it..Since most of the communication is thru emails and phonecalls.. I rarely write letters now.. I wrote 3 letters yesterday and i was surprised to find that my hand writing had gone so bad.. also it took a long time for me to write the first letter than the other two.. I used to write letters often before..i'm glad i wrote those letters yesterday to my parents, sister and grandma.. all living in different towns..
I had bought easter cards for them long back, but never got a chance to write letter to send along with it.. i should say i was always lazy. Eventhough i sent it, i don't think they'll receive it before easter..but i'm sure they'll be happy to recive it :) I feel very happy when i get mails.. nowadays i don't get any snail mails.. the last one i got was for x'mas from home.
this week is holy week. I'm looking forward to Easter. Hope to meet some of my friends at church :) It's long since I've seen any keralite friends here.
I've not celebrated Easter with my parents and siblings for a long time now :( almost 7 years.. Being away from home is difficult esp when it comes to celebrations.. you miss a lot of funcitons at home..i miss my home :(

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